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Nature, the Environment and our Suppliers

The products Salisbury Hardwood Flooring source and import are important to us as a company. Our respect for nature is not only about sensitive methods of production. We also take the whole of the environment very seriously. We are proud to say we can track all our flooring from the forests of Europe to the avenues and byways of the UK.

We, therefore, choose our suppliers very carefully. BOEN (providers of our 3000 range) and HARO (providers of our 2000 and 4000 ranges) are worldwide brands sourced and manufactured in Germany and Lithuania. Both only use wood from sustainable forests. Above that, the BOEN factories have implemented a chain of custody system in accordance with the FSC™ standards. The Forest Stewardship Council is a well known forest certification scheme.

BOEN’s production methods are noted for their quality and excellent use of resources. The timber is quickly transported to the saw mill and cut, so that the drying process can start as soon as possible, thereby avoiding discolouration. The wood is dried under monitored conditions. This allows us to guarantee the highest degree of stability for the floors we supply and install for our customers.

HAMBERGER (HARO) FLOORING has a long history from the cutting mill on the river Sims to a modern hardwood saw mill.


  • 1936 First modern saw mill
  • 1978 Comprehensive modernisation
  • 1992 Improved performance to
  • 130,000 m³/year (spruce wood)
  • 1998 Investment in a modern hardwood sawmill
  • Beech, oak and ash from the region
  • Annual cutting volume approx. 45.000 m³
Sustainably sourced wood

Boen Factory

The Boen Factory

Haro Factory

The Old Haro Factory

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